Connecting Vehicles to the Cloud.

Motor Africa's cloud services empower individuals and businesses to gain control, reduce costs and complexity, generate new digital revenue opportunities, and accelerate growth with its Cloud solutions for vehicles.

Stay Connected

Leading the Charge in Connected Mobility Solutions. Our goal is to create the most advanced connected automobile ecosystem in Africa.

Multi-versatile Use Cases

Across Africa, individuals, businesses, and enterprises can manage their fleets and experience innovative fleet automation with our cloud-based service regardless of the use case.

Cross Platform

Our cloud service connects with over 3,000 GPS telemetry devices from trusted global manufacturers, enabling you to host your fleet with just a few clicks.

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3rd party integration

The Motor Africa fleet automation cloud service offers an intuitive API that seamlessly connects with your existing fleet management or workshop CRM with the highest security and precision.

Use case Explore our use cases. The Motor Africa fleet automation cloud service caters to diverse needs, including fleet management, car subscription, auto finance, public transport management, vehicle insurance, workshop management, and emergency response systems. Explore
Intuitive API Build with with Motor Africa. Our simple intuitive API can help enterprises build solutions irrespective of the complexity with a dedicated support team helping you achieve your goals. Explore

Exploring our diverse use cases


Auto Financing

The Motor Africa fleet automation cloud service helps auto finance providers reduce default rates and improve maintenance and inspection routines.

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Fleet management

Learn how Motor Africa's fleet automation cloud service is helping fleet operators streamline operations and boost efficiency.

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Logistics and supply chain

Learn how supply chain and logistics managers are leveraging telematics data to improve operations with real-time insights.

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Car Subscription

Launch a car subscription business in 3 business days with a full suite car subscription management cloud service.

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Workshop Management

Learn how workshops are leveraging telemetry data to automate and optimize maintenance scheduling.

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