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Motor Africa is revolutionizing and optimizing opportunities available in the automotive value chain.


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The Motor Africa platform delivers unmatched value to fleets, providing increased control, comprehensive insights, enhanced safety, and a multitude of business opportunities.

Online Tracking

Provides data with the highest precision on the real-time location of your vehicle asset, allowing you to make intelligent decisions on the next move on your vehicle(s) monitored via the motor africa app or via API for developers building nifty solutions.


Create virtual boundaries, known as geofences, around specific areas of interest. Our system enables you to set up customized geofences and receive instant notifications whenever a tracked entity enters or exits the designated area. Geofencing is an invaluable tool for asset management, fleet tracking, and ensuring personal safety. Connection with our billing system API allows you customize billings for each violations.

Historical Data

Access a comprehensive history of your tracked entities' movements with our historical data and playback feature. Our system stores detailed location data, allowing you to review past routes, analyze patterns, and optimize operations. Whether you need to improve efficiency or investigate incidents, our historical data feature has got you covered.

Alerts & Notifications

Receive customized alerts and notifications for various events and triggers. Our GPS tracking system allows you to set up alerts for geofence breaches, speed violations, low battery levels, or any other critical events. Stay in control and act swiftly to address potential issues.

Speed Monitoring

Promote safe driving habits and prevent speeding incidents with our speed monitoring feature. Set predefined speed limits for your vehicles or assets, and receive instant alerts whenever a tracked entity exceeds the specified threshold. Stay informed and take proactive measures to ensure compliance and safety. Of Course our billing system.

Reporting & Analytics

Leverage our advanced reporting and analytics feature to gain valuable insights into your operations. Our system generates comprehensive reports, including distance traveled, idle time, fuel consumption, and much more. Make data-driven decisions to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall performance.

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Motor Africa is a trusted solution that businesses across diverse industries depend on to automate their operations and make informed business decisions.

Car subscription management

Motor Africa car subscription infrastructure offers a cost-effective solution to lease idle cars to drivers, with no upfront costs for GPS hardware. Developers can easily build car subscription projects with simple API connections. The infrastructure includes embedded open banking for automated fee collections and access to analytical and inspection reports.

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Collateralized micro lending

Motor Africa's lending infrastructure enables collateralized microloans for motorists, automating underwriting with driving behavior, vehicle value, and maintenance data. It facilitates intelligent lending decisions and automates repayments through engine immobilization for defaulters and collateral repossession.

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Public transportation management

Our advanced connected vehicle infrastructure attracts private sector investment and alleviates operational stress, enhancing public transport management.

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Insurance companies can optimize underwriting, innovate with data from connected vehicles, and provide mutual benefits to policyholders through our advanced vehicle infrastructure.

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Logistics & Delivery

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