Get more done with fleet automation

Motor Africa's cloud-based fleet automation services help individuals and businesses across Africa gain complete control and optimize their operations via an intuitive API.

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Create a new fleet automation experience with Motor Africa's fleet automation cloud service with an intuitive API.

Multi-versatile Use Cases

Across Africa, individuals, businesses, and enterprises can manage their fleets and experience innovative fleet automation with our cloud-based service regardless of the use case.

Cross Platform

Our cloud service connects with over 3,000 GPS telemetry devices from trusted global manufacturers, enabling you to host your fleet with just a few clicks.

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3rd party integration

The Motor Africa fleet automation cloud service offers an intuitive API that seamlessly connects with your existing fleet management or workshop CRM with the highest security and precision.

Use case Explore our use cases. The Motor Africa fleet automation cloud service caters to diverse needs, including fleet management, car subscription, auto finance, public transport management, vehicle insurance, workshop management, and emergency response systems. Explore
Intuitive API Build with with Motor Africa. Our simple intuitive API can help enterprises build solutions irrespective of the complexity with a dedicated support team helping you achieve your goals. Explore

Exploring our diverse use cases


Car Subscription

Unlock convenience and flexibility with our car subscription service. Drive your dream car without the hassle of ownership.

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Fleet management

Enjoy flexible car subscription. Drive your dream car hassle-free. Experience seamless freedom on the road.

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Workshop Management

Optimize tasks, scheduling, and productivity for peak workshop performance.

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Auto Financing

Realize your automotive dreams with flexible auto financing options. Drive home in your dream car with tailored payment plans.

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Logistics and supply chain

Efficiently optimize logistics, reduce costs, and streamline processes for unparalleled supply chain performance.

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Motor Africa, a leading mobility technology company, has announced a partnership with Bolt, the ride-hailing platform, to offer mobility entrepreneurs access to a credit line of N600,000 per year.

Repair Financing and BNPL Insurance for vehicles on the Bolt platform.

As part of the campaign to drive growth for peer-to-peer car subscriptions for commercial mobility services, we are launching repair financing and a BNPL insurance program to help vehicle owners (hosts) get their cars fit for subscription while they earn weekly on the Bolt platform.

How envio is pioneering vehicle subscription in Nigeria.

When people encounter financial challenges starting a business, the next step is to find sources of funds/loans to support the business; however, this is a limiting aspect because not everyone is creditworthy to acquire loans due to poor credit scores.


Transparent and Flexible Pricing Options.


Suitable for individuals and SMEs
₦8,000 Starting price per quarter per vehicle. (Fees for transactions and triggers apply where applicable).
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Suitable for fleet operators & Transportation managers
₦12,000 Starting price per quarter per vehicle. (Fees for transactions and triggers apply where applicable).
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Suitable for turnkey solutions
Talk to Us Starting price per quarter per vehicle. (Fees for transactions and triggers apply where applicable).
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