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Mobility needs on your and budget.

Rent better vehicles for commercial transport when you register as a driver.

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How do i start?

Steps to create an account to get started as a driver on Motor Africa


Drive Test

Complete your drive test verification from partners in your city.


Complete your registration with all pre-requisite documents to get verified.


Choose a vehicle that meets your lease plans and schedule for a vehicle inspection.

Security Deposit

To validate your booking, you will need to make a refundable security deposit.

Dream vehicle

Motor Africa has made it easier for verified subscribers to lease roadworthy vehicles in their city and pay in weekly instalments.

Why lease from Motor Africa

All vehicles are inspected and comprehensively insured.

Choose any vehicle that fits your mobility needs and budget.

Roadside support services.

Dedicated support manager.

Access to N300,000 as working capital to purchase fuel, repair financing, lease support credit, and cash for emergency support needs.

How it works

Get verified as a driver.

Choose a vehicle that suits your budget and mobility needs.

Book a vehicle and you will be invited for an inspection.

If the vehicle fits your needs, you will be required to pay a refundable security deposit.

You can now drive away with the car while billing starts counting after 24 hours.

Register now

To get started with your registration, please have the following documents / information handy:

You must have a valid driver’s licence.

You will need to fill in the full names, phone numbers, and email addresses of 2 verifiable guarantors of not less than level 8 in the civil service and senior manager in a reputable company. We do not accept lawyers or uniform personnel.
Also, note that it is compulsory that one of your guarantors MUST be a civil servant in the city you are applying to lease a car.

You will need to do a driving test at partnered driving school in your city.

Please note that verification fees apply for the drive test and guarantor verification.

Click the button below to download the terms of agreement form, get it filled before you start your registration

Click the button below to start registration

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