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Helping Drivers & Small Businesses Lease Vehicles in Africa

We are making it possible for businesses in Africa to get matched to hosts (vehicle owners & investors) who are willing to lease out their vehicles to help businesses grow their enterprises for better economic growth.

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How do i start?

Steps to create an account to get started as a driver on Motor Africa

Drive Test

Complete your drive test verification from partners in your city.


Complete your registration with all pre-requisite documents to get verified.


Choose a vehicle that meets your lease plans and schedule for a vehicle inspection.

Security Deposit

To validate your booking, you will need to make a refundable security deposit.

The Struggle.

For many people in Africa, owning a vehicle is a necessity, not a luxury. Whether you're a small business owner who needs a reliable way to transport your goods or a driver who relies on your car for your livelihood, the cost of purchasing a vehicle can be a significant barrier. You've worked hard, saved up, and faced countless challenges, but the dream of having your own set of wheels still feels out of reach.

The Opportunity.

Motor Africa is here to change that. We've created a car subscription service (mygarage) that connects verified drivers and small businesses with vehicle owners (hosts) in their local communities.

Recommended for the following type of businesses;

Schools looking to boost their school bus fleet.

Ride hailing drivers offering mobility services on Bolt

Hotels looking for shuttle vehicles.

Companies who need official vehicles.

By going through our simple verification process, you can access a wide range of vehicles without the burden of ownership.

The Verification Process.

To ensure a seamless and reliable experience, we have a comprehensive verification process in place. Here's what you need to do:

Download the terms of agreement form below, print it out, and complete it by hand.

Provide the full names and contact information of 3 guarantors: one civil servant, one business owner with a registered company (taxpayer), and one immediate family member.

Pay a non-refundable fee for the physical guarantor verification. This fee is only paid after we confirm that your guarantors have submitted their completed guarantor forms.

Applicants will go through a compulsory virtual training before the verification process is complete.

After the virtual training, you'll be added to our community of verified drivers and small businesses. You can then browse through the available vehicles hosted by our registered owners and request a lease.

It's that simple!

Motor Africa doesn't own or offer vehicles directly, but we connect you with the vehicle owners in your local community who are subscribed to our fleet automation and management cloud services.

Join the Movement.

Unlock your mobility dreams with Motor Africa's verified leasing solution. Start your application today for hassle-free transportation. Verification takes 21 working days.

Start your application early.

Step 1: Download the terms of service for drivers and small businesses. Print and fill it in your handwriting, then scan it back in PDF and have it handy to complete your application.

Step 2: Make sure you have full names, email address, and phone number of your nominated guarantors. This is very important as you will need the details when completing your application.

Step 3: Make sure you take a full-length photograph of yourself, a clear copy of your driver’s license, and your utility bill (not more than 3 months).

Final Step: If everything listed here is complete, please go ahead and click the apply tab to submit your application.

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