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Rent better vehicles for commercial transport when you register as a driver.

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How do i start?

To get started as a driver on mygarage africa, please create an account.


Download and fill the guarantor and driver agreement form to get verified.

Drive Test

After verification, you will get an email to proceed for a drive test at a driving school at your location.


Choose a vehicle that meets your lease plans and schedule for a vehicle inspection.

Security Deposit

If you like the vehicle, make a deposit of your first rental fees in advance as a Security Deposit.

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Dream vehicle

We are now making it possible for eligible drivers to subscribe to vehicles can sooth the budget and terms. While you choose, take your time to read through the terms that soothes your commercial plan.


All in one pack

All subscribed vehicles come with a full comprehensive insurance and maintenance package, and well as cash backs on petrol refills.

Soft loans

We understand some days can come with a revenue gap, and every driver subscribing a car from mygarage Africa is entitled to a soft loan as an overdraft when you need to meet your car subscription fees.

Keep tab on your fuel cost per-kilometre. This is perfect way for you to keep records of your profits and loss on your business.


Download documents

To complete your registration process, download the Guarantor's Form and Terms of Agreement below. You will be required to submit two verifiable guarantors resident in the city you intend to rent a vehicle.

Follow this link to Register as a driver

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need to provide your driver’s license, two guarantors, proof of address (utility bills within the last 5 months), and National Identification Number.

We have the Rent(short-term) plan and the higher purchase(long-term) plan.

It could take 22 days working days for your documents to be processed and verified. During the period, our team of consultants will have do a due diligence on your profile and submitted documents. This process can take more time if your submissions are difficult to get verified.

Any brand of vehicles from 2003 to newer models are accepted.

Guarantor verification is a prerequisite process to getting verified as a driver on mygarage.africa. We accept Guarantors who are credible civil servants from Level 8, Senior officers who work in the private sector. At the moment, we don’t accept guarantors from law enforcement officers, traditional rulers and practicing lawyers.

Yes. We understand you already have a driver’s license but before you can take a vehicle on lease, we need to be certain that you have the practical skill to offer commercial services with vehicles leased from the platform.