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Maximize your revenue potential and maintain greater control over your leased fleet on the Bolt platform.

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Bolt and Motor Africa have joined forces to empower vehicle hosts on the Bolt network in Nigeria, allowing them to increase their earnings by leasing out cars with improved control.

By registering your vehicle for lease to verified drivers on the Bolt platform, you will not only gain access to fleet management technology tools but also to working capital and additional revenue streams.

What the Hosting Program Includes

Unlocking the Benefits

Connect with verified drivers

Motor Africa has teamed up with skilled fleet operators, giving hosts (vehicle owners) the chance to choose from a diverse pool of thoroughly vetted drivers. These drivers also have verified guarantors in each city where Bolt operates, providing hosts with peace of mind and a greater sense of security.

Telemetry reporting & monitoring

The host will have access to a comprehensive telemetry reporting and monitoring system, including professional telemetry reports and a dedicated dashboard. This system allows hosts to closely monitor the activities of their leased-out vehicles.

Real-time vehicle tracking and geofence alerts keep hosts informed about vehicle locations and trigger billing for trips outside designated areas.

To ensure safe driving practices, hosts can set speed limits and receive notifications when drivers exceed those limits. They can also bill drivers for overspeeding incidents.

Hosts analyze detailed reports for insights into a vehicle's yearly activities, including a 2D playback of travel history.

Additionally, hosts have the option to immobilize the engine of the vehicle when necessary, providing an extra layer of security and control.

Rental payment processing

This feature allows hosts to set weekly lease fees for each driver and enjoy automated immobilization of the engine functionalities for defaulting drivers. With this feature, hosts can enjoy better repayment rates.

Maintenance & Workshop routines

Motor Africa allows hosts to receive monthly inspection reports via email. Additionally, hosts can set scheduled routine reminders for changing key spare parts and lubricants.

Fleet Operator Service (Optional)

Motor Africa offers a dedicated fleet operator service, which allows professional fleet operators to manage all operational communications on behalf of each host.