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Boost your income with your vehicle.

We are collaborating with Bolt to assist mobility entrepreneurs in achieving more driving on the Bolt platform in various cities across Nigeria.

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Boost Your Income with your vehicle.

Are you looking for a smart and hassle-free way to earn extra income from your car? Look no further! Motor Africa has teamed up with Bolt, to help you Make more money from your car.


Rent out an idling car to verified drivers on the Bolt platform.

Access to working Capital

Access to N600,000 working capital for comprehensive insurance, spare parts and welfare needs.

Earn Extra Income

Put your car to work and start earning today! By renting out your vehicle to verified Bolt drivers, you'll be able to generate a steady stream of additional income without lifting a finger.

Hassle-Lease fee collection

Motor Africa takes care of electronically processing lease fees from your assigned driver. All you need to do is sit back and watch your earnings grow.

User-Friendly App

The intuitive Motor Africa app makes it easy to track your car's performance, view rental earnings, and receive updates on maintenance, all at your fingertips.

Well-Maintained Vehicles

Motor Africa ensures that your car remains in top condition by providing regular maintenance and servicing. This not only keeps your vehicle in great shape but also enhances the driving experience for Bolt customers.

Safety and Security

We prioritize the safety of your vehicle by only working with verified Bolt drivers. This ensures that your car is in responsible hands, giving you peace of mind.

Dedicated account manager

Leasing out a car via Motor Africa avails you the services of a dedicated account manager to ensure you have a great experience.

Do you know you can make up to N300,000 monthly when you drive your own car on Bolt?

Do you want to add a new stream of income?
Turn your vehicle into a profitable asset and make a significant monthly income with Bolt and Motor Africa!

Join the winning team today and earn up to N300,000 monthly by helping people reach their destinations across Nigeria. Not only will you be providing a valuable service to your community, but you'll also experience the joy of financial freedom and flexibility.

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Access to working Capital

Signing up to offer services on the Bolt platform automatically unlocks N600,000 as working capital to get a car insurance plan, repair financing and all your essential work and personal needs.

Extra trip bonuses

When you offer mobility services on Bolt, you will earn extra trip bonuses every week.

Support services

With a dedicated Account manager, you will receive professional support services interfacing with Bolt.

Safety and Security

Bolt's stringent verification process and advanced safety features ensure that both you and your passengers enjoy a secure and comfortable ride.

Start Earning Today with Motor Africa and Bolt.

Don't let your car sit idle in your driveway or parking lot anymore. Partner with Motor Africa and Bolt, and turn your vehicle into a profitable asset. With our seamless management, user-friendly app, well-maintained vehicles, and competitive pricing, you'll enjoy a stress-free and rewarding experience with Bolt.

Ready to put your car to work?
Join Motor Africa and Bolt today, and take the first step towards boosting your income with our innovative car solution for mobility services on the Bolt platform.

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