A better world with Connected
Vehicle Data

Since 2017, envio has made it simple, fast, and secure to share and access connected vehicle data using the best technology and tools.


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Mobility is propelled by data

We have a vision to develop products and services that improve the mobility experience, generate income, drive revenue, and power innovations through connected vehicle data.

Our data and insights create new revenue streams, enhance safer driving, enable more preventative maintenance, monitor fuel consumption, access to Smart Real-time alerts and reports, seamless vehicle recovery, access to soft loans, shorten commute times, and help drivers easily find a parking spot.

Drivetrain metric

These metrics are dedicated to optimized operations tasks and keep vehicles and equipment running smoothly.


Subscribers have access to Smart Real-time alerts and reports from the envioBOx a dedicated hi-tech GPS sensor.

GPS Security Sensor

We have made vehicle security & tracking more efficient and gives subscribers an extra layer of control.

Comprehensive car Insurance (BNPL)

Subscribers have the option to get a comprehensive car insurance that & re-pay in easy installments at a future date.

Why Motor Africa?

Motor africa utilizes connected vehicle data and extensive accurate data resources to change the mobility experience in Africa, one city at a time.


Track and maximize asset efficiency

With real-time insights from connected car data, your fleet can obtain a competitive advantage while keeping your drivers safe and satisfied.
You can easily schedule and assign assets to drivers while also seeing which assets are underutilized. To cut costs, adjust schedules or simply get rid of underutilized assets entirely.

Automated vehicle report

Vehicles rely heavily on data. When vehicles have problems that require them to be taken off the highway and out of service, it can be extremely annoying and costly. Traditional vehicle troubleshooting, maintenance, and repairs, which can be costly, time-consuming, and often reactive after an issue has been found, yield more better insights than data from connected vehicle data.


Our Executive Team

We have a vision to influence a better mobility experience in Africa

Sylvester Chude
Comfort Ute-Ushede
VP Operations
Mubarak Sharafadeen
VP Product
Godwin Adejoh
VP Engineering