Supporting Mobility Entrepreneurs in Africa.


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Our Goal

Africa is the second-largest and second-most populous continent in the world, home to a rapidly expanding population of 1 billion people and presenting a massive market for passenger and cargo mobility services.

Our goal is to make it easier for mobility entrepreneurs in Africa to meet the rising demand for passenger and cargo services.


Our Services

Motor africa utilizes connected vehicle data and extensive accurate data resources to change the mobility experience in Africa, one city at a time.



Mygarage is a marketplace where investors (hosts) can list vehicles and be matched with verified drivers (subscribers) in their area.

The host has the freedom to set the rules and rates, while our billing infrastructure ensures weekly or monthly fee collections and automates compliance for maintenance routines. Hosts and subscribers have automatic access to credit support for comprehensive insurance, GPS telemetry systems, repair financing, and gasoline credit.

Mygarage is open to mobility entrepreneurs who provide services in the e-hailing segment (Bolt), corporate leasing, and private leasing.


Remit is a collection service for investors who have leased vehicles to drivers who provide commercial transportation services.

This service allows drivers to pay their weekly or monthly fees through a dedicated collection bank account number assigned to each driver, while the investor is paid instantly.

The payment collection service also assists in generating a credit score for drivers to confirm their eligibility for gas assistance, soft loan spouse credit assistance, and repair financing from our financial credit partners.

Investors who use Remit's services are also qualified for credit for repair financing, GPS telemetry systems, and comprehensive insurance.



Go. provides assistance to business owners who rely on their customers' ability to move about independently.

Self-mobility entrepreneurs are people who use their own vehicles to provide mobility services. The Go. service gives entrepreneurs in the self-mobility industry access to telemetry data for the purpose of reducing operational expenses and increasing adherence to maintenance schedules.

Businesses that rely on their own mobility to generate revenue are eligible for repair financing, comprehensive insurance, and lenient loans from our financial partners.

Drivetrain metric

These metrics are dedicated to optimized operations tasks and keep vehicles and equipment running smoothly.


Subscribers have access to Smart Real-time alerts and reports from the envioBOx a dedicated hi-tech GPS sensor.

GPS Security Sensor

We have made vehicle security & tracking more efficient and gives subscribers an extra layer of control.

Comprehensive car Insurance (BNPL)

Subscribers have the option to get a comprehensive car insurance that & re-pay in easy installments at a future date.

Our Executive Team

Motor Africa by envio is spearheaded by enterprising individuals whose work is already having a profound effect on the African continent.

Sylvester Chude
Comfort Ute-Ushede
VP Operations
Mubarak Sharafadeen
VP Product
Godwin Adejoh
VP Engineering