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The Connected Data Platform for Vehicle Insurance.

Motor Africa's connected data platform offers a range of advanced features to streamline your motor insurance business, optimize underwriting and pricing, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Grow insurance revenue with our vehicle data

Check out new revenue streams to boost your insurance business using our connected vehicle data.

Usage-Based Motor Insurance Solutions.

With Motor Africa's connected data platform, launching usage-based insurance programs that cater to your business needs becomes effortless. By harnessing real-time data insights and employing advanced risk-scoring algorithms, you can fine-tune underwriting and pricing decisions, resulting in heightened profitability and heightened customer satisfaction.

Verify Vehicle Mileage Instantly and accurately.

Charge customers based on vehicle usage.

Offer customized insurance plans, based on Miles covered.

Facilitate policy-renewal, maintenance & discount alerts.

Attributes we collect: Daily mileage covered, vehicle’s operating time, speed analysis, and driving analysis.

Unlock Insights with Mobile Telematics forgoods in transit.

With our mobile telematics solutions, you can unlock valuable insights into insured goods in transit, improve risk assessment and underwriting, and enhance customer satisfaction. Our advanced data analytics and AI-powered predictions, enable accurate risk assessment and personalized insurance options for customers, ultimately leading to improved profitability for your business.

Keep real-time visibility of your insured goods in transit.

Be in control from take-off to arrival at destination.

Analyses travel data to help reduce claim fraud.

Offer your customers access to real-time travel data on each insured good in transit.

Attributes we collect: Real time location, speed, travel history data, geofencing, accident notification.

Real-Time Analytics for Motor Insurance.

Revamp underwriting strategies by harnessing live analytics and monitoring. With our cutting-edge connected data platform, you have the opportunity to optimize your motor insurance underwriting and loss ratio, resulting in optimal profitability and customer satisfaction.

Our platform is specifically designed to streamline processes, mitigate risk, and maximize returns, making it the perfect choice for progressive motor insurance leaders.

Monitor driver skills & behavior to know how they drive

Reward safe driving practices with lower premiums

Emphasize safe driving practices by penalizing distracted behavior.

Attributes we collect: Rapid Acceleration, Harsh Braking, Overspeeding, Trip details, and maintenance data.

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