Reducing risks with Insurance


We are spearheading a campaign to reduce the risks associated with vehicle ownership


Customized to fit you

We are developing an infrastructure for insure-tech to assist insurance companies in keeping up with insights on insured vehicles in order to offer ancillary benefits such as roadside assistance, vehicle theft recovery, and lower rates on insured vehicle renewal.

Insure what matters

Managing risk is a way of life that every vehicle owner must prepare for. Our mission is to provide technical, financial, and business support to improve the vehicle ownership experience.


Fast claims

Our collaboration with insurance companies wil provide comprehensive coverage for all vehicles with a motor account, our dedicated insurance desk handles insurance claims on subscribers' behalf in the event of claims on risk to the vehicle.
Furthermore, we can assist you in obtaining credit for comprehensive insurance coverage for your vehicle, which you can pay back later.

Flexible benefits

Furthermore, we are collaborating with insurance companies to offer Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) insurance and also enjoy all of the benefits that come with opening a Motor account for the vehicle, which includes;

  • a. Vehicle safety.

  • b. Lower maintenance routine rates.

  • c. Credit of up to 20% of the insured asset's value.

  • d. Produce useful information about the cost of gasoline per kilometre for each vehicle.

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