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Powerful Tool Designed To Keep Your Fleet Moving At The Right Pace.

Gain control over vehicle speed and enhance driver behavior with our comprehensive speed monitoring solution.

Real-Time Insights

Data-Driven Decision Making

Receive real-time updates and actionable insights to optimize your operations, reduce downtime, and ensure the safety of your drivers and vehicles

Real-time Speed Monitoring

Track vehicle speeds in real-time, providing instant visibility into driver behavior.

Geofenced Speed Limits

Establish virtual zones with predefined speed limits, ensuring compliance with local regulations and safety guidelines.

Speed Violation Alerts

Get real-time notifications when vehicles exceed speed limits, enabling timely intervention & corrective measures.

Detailed Speed History

Access comprehensive speed data for each vehicle, allowing for trend analysis and performance improvement initiatives.

Integration with Billing and Maintenance

Experience the future of speed management with our Speed Monitoring Dashboard.

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Strategy Speed Control for Success

Embrace the future of vehicle navigation by geofencing your vehicle. Keep track of its location, receive alerts upon entering or leaving specific areas, and enjoy enhanced security and control on the road ahead.

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