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Experience the next level of automation with Geofence.

The geofence functionality enables you to establish virtual perimeters around your vehicle(s) and automate actions such assending email notifications or imposing penalties for any breaches.

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Enhanced Security

Geofencing enables real-time monitoring of vehicle movement within designated areas. If a vehicle deviates from its authorized route or enters a restricted zone, alerts can be triggered to prompt immediate action, such as notifying authorities or disabling the vehicle remotely.

Theft Prevention and Recovery

Geofencing can help prevent vehicle theft by setting virtual boundaries. If a vehicle is taken beyond the defined geofence, alarms can be activated, and the vehicle's location can be tracked, assisting in its recovery.

Improved Asset Management

Geofencing allows businesses to efficiently manage their vehicle fleet by tracking the location of vehicles and ensuring they are being used within authorized areas. This helps prevent unauthorized use, misuse, or loss of assets.

Route Optimization

Geofencing can be used to define specific routes or areas that vehicles should follow. By utilizing geofencing, businesses can optimize routes, reduce travel time, and minimize fuel consumption by ensuring vehicles stay on the designated path.

Personalized Customer Experience

Geofencing enables businesses to provide location-based services and notifications to customers. For example, customers can receive alerts regarding nearby service centers, promotional offers, or updates on their scheduled deliveries, enhancing their overall experience.

Efficient Fleet Management

Geofencing assists fleet managers in monitoring vehicle activities, such as entry and exit times from specific locations. This information is valuable for optimizing routing, scheduling maintenance, and analyzing driver behavior for performance improvement and cost savings.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Geofencing can help businesses comply with specific regulations or industry standards by enforcing boundary restrictions or emission control measures within designated areas.

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