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Motor Africa Sponsorship

Motor Africa is a platform that enables sponsors to offer hire purchase services to verified motorists (motorcard subscribers) in Africa. This service allows motorists to buy essential products and services from verified merchants while getting paid a commission in return.


Why you should sign up as a sponsor

Motor Card subscribers have their vehicle setup as collateral on each hire purchase request approved by sponsors.
The Motor Africa system carries out due diligence on the state of health of the vehicle, driving behavior of the driver and asset value to build a credit score that helps sponsors make intelligent sponsorship decisions.
If the subscriber fails to meet up payment due to a sponsor, the system automatically detects and immobilizes the engine of the vehicle (collateral) until the payment is done.
In case the subscriber fails to make repayments within the expected tenure, Motor Africa will go after the collateral to help you recover the sponsored funds.

How it works

1 Register as a Sponsor
Get started by registering as a Sponsor
2 Sponsorship Request
You will get a sponsorship request sent to your email
3 Review and Approval
Review the request and fund the ones that you want to support.
4 Repayment Collections
We would handle the repayments on your behalf.

Popular sponsorship request that might interest you


Repair financing

More motorists are looking for sponsorship to buy spare parts or get maintenance done on their cars while they pay back within a short period.


Gadget financing is one of the most sort need and we are glad that we can share the opportunity to help you earn commissions helping more motorcard subscribers buy work gadgets that compliments their personal or business lifestyle.


Academic fees

Acquiring more knowledge is becoming a priority for more people. Would you like to help Motor card subscribers get the right sponsorship for short term courses?We got you covered.

Medical bills

Earn commissions when you help subscribers pay for medical consultations or medications from partnered clinics and pharmacies.



Help more people get an insurance cover that fits their lifestyle while they payback in quick time.

Take control

As a sponsor, you will be entitled to a customized dashboard that allows you to set up your collection bank account , review requests and fund the request that soothes you. In addition, you can track the progress of your repayments while escalating bad repayments for collateral seizure on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account as a sponsor?

Use the link below to create an account as a sponsor. Within two business days, your sponsorship dashboard will be set up, allowing you to start receiving sponsorship requests from Motor Card subscribers.

How is the credit rate determined for Motor Card subscribers?

The Motor Card platform uses various factors such as vehicle asset value, maintenance data, driving behavior, and previous loan repayment history to determine the eligibility for sponsorship.

How much do I earn as a sponsor?

Sponsors can earn as much as 7% per month on each sponsorship. Each monthly repayment covers both the capital and commission.

What role does Motor Africa play?

Motor Africa reviews each application and assesses the creditworthiness of each Motor Card subscriber before broadcasting the request to registered sponsors on the Motor Africa community. Additionally, Motor Africa automates the loan repayment collections from each subscriber and manages asset confiscation for defaulters.

Is it legal to offer sponsorship?

Sponsoring a Motor Card subscriber is legal under the hire purchase act. However, sponsors should be aware that delays in repayments from defaulters may occur.