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Frequently asked questions

Listing a vehicle on with Bolt for commercial transport service is easy.

Before sharing your car, we recommend reviewing the terms of your lease to ensure that there are no legal restrictions on participating in car-sharing programs like

Things to consider when sharing your leased vehicle:

  • The roadworthiness status of the vehicle
  • The envioBOx system
  • The validity of the vehicle documents.

The market standard for leased vehicles on short-term or is approximately NGN20,000 – NGN35,000 per week, your pricing may vary.

The envioBOx (GPS Telemetry system) is free as long as your vehicle is used on the platform guarantees you your weekly rental fees while our growing network of support partners in your city ensures you get comprehensive monthly inspection reports sent to your email on the state of your vehicle.  

Please Note: The System reserves a 15% as a platform commission on each rental fee processed from the driver.

The envioBOx system is a GPS Telemetry system installed in each vehicle listed on

  • The envioBOx system facilitates processing rental payments from the driver electronically.
  • Generates real-time information on the vehicle.
  • Generate fleet analytics, anti-theft functionality, and the option to analyze historical data on the vehicle.

The envioBOx system is FREE as long as it is listed for service on and on a lease plan for charter host registered on platform.

If you need an assistance, please call 09089009090 for assistance.