Motor Card

Drive more, worry less

Motor Card, your flexible virtual overdraft wallet for drivers and vehicle owners.

Basic Plan

The basic plan is perfect for the following type of subscribers;

Private car owners.

Host leasing out cars to their drivers.

If you're an private car owner or you leasing your car to your driver, the Basic Plan is the perfect fit for you. Here's what you need to know:

The plan offers an overdraft value of N600,000 per year and a single exposure of N50,000 - N100,000 per month, so you won't have to worry about unforeseen expenses.

With flexible payment schedules, you can choose to pay weekly or monthly, depending on your needs.

But that's not all – we're also throwing in some value-added services to make the Basic Plan even more appealing:

Want to track your vehicle's real-time location and fuel consumption data? No problem – our analytical telemetry service has you covered.

With access to professional workshops and roadside assistance, you can move with confidence.

You'll receive a monthly inspection report from partnered workshops so you can stay on top of your car's performance.

Take advantage of some unbeatable credit deals and discounts with our Basic Plan.


The envioBOx GPS sensor will cost you N30,000 (Less VAT).
Subscribers will get 50% cashback when you choose to deactivate the Motor Card.

We would charge you N2,000 per month as subscription fees. This is essential as part of your credit score building metric.

It's important to note that subscribers who lease out their cars to drivers will not be charged monthly subscription fees.
However, we do charge a transaction fee of 5% on the weekly or monthly lease fee processed from the assigned driver.

Unlock a world of possibilities with the Basic Plan.

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Premium Plan

The premium plan is perfect for the following type of subscriber:

Individuals or organisations (Host) listing out cars to connect with verified drivers on our car subscription marketplace (mygarage).

If you're leasing your cars on the MyGarage car subscription marketplace, we recommend upgrading to our Premium plan. You'll get peace of mind knowing your car leasing business is protected by:

An overdraft value of N600,000.

A single exposure worth N200,000.

Guaranteed weekly/monthly subscription collections from the driver.

The Premium plan comes with a bunch of value-added services that will take your car leasing business to the next level:

Access to our extensive network of verified drivers across private, commercial, and corporate sectors.

Guaranteed weekly/monthly lease collection from drivers renting your assigned vehicles.

Access to professional workshops with roadside support services.

Receive monthly inspection reports from our partnered workshops.

Enjoy discounts on credit deals for your business.


The envioBOx GPS sensor is free throughout the period of service to you but you will pay an activation fee of 15,000. when you choose to deactivate the Motor Card you will get N10,000 refund.

There are no monthly subscription fees but we would charge you 15% as transaction fees on each payment made by the assigned driver.

Get more out of your vehicle by leasing it out to trusted drivers in your city.

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Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is an exceptional credit plan designed for corporate organizations? Our Motor Card's Enterprise Plan offers the perfect solution. Here are the features:

With a single withdrawal limit of N500,000, monthly repayment schedule, and credit exposure up to N1,000,000, this plan is designed for businesses with high credit needs.

Overdraft value of up to N1,000,000.

Choose between weekly or monthly payment schedules based on your needs.

Other requirements include providing original title car documents and an undated cheque to sign up for this credit solution.

In addition to the above benefits, the Enterprise Plan offers some value-added services that take it to the next level:

Get access to professional workshops and roadside support services to take care of unexpected breakdowns or maintenance issues.

Recieve monthly inspection reports from partnered workshops to keep you informed about your car's performance.

Access unbeatable discounts on credit deals.

Track your vehicle's real-time location, fuel consumption, travel time data, and professional analytical fleet management reports with our analytical telemetry service.

To activate a Motor Card as an Enterprise subscriber,please note that an activation fee of N50,000 applies to the envioBOx GPS sensor, and there is a monthly platform fee of N2,000.

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Everything you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Only roadworthy vehicles manufactured between 2003 and 2010 are currently eligible for the Motor Card service.

Currently, the Motor Card services are offered in Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Benin, and Port Harcourt. More cities will be added soon.

The amount of credit you can access depends on the subscription package you choose for the Motor Card service.

Only subscribers whose names are on the car title documents can access the Motor Card services.

Yes, you can still access up to N300,000 of credit per year, but only if the owner of the car you are renting signs up for the Motor Card service.

Yes, Motor Africa rewards you with up to N3,000 per referral when someone signs up using your phone number as a referral code. The person you refer will also get an extra N50,000 credit bonus for the year. To be eligible for the referral program, you can register to join the Motor Africa workforce community at

Upon activation, you can only access credit for car insurance while credot for other services can be accessed after 30 days of activation.

Early payback on accessed credit, adherence to monthly inspection schedules and offering mobility services with partnered mobility aggravators will keep your credit score healthy and unlock a higher credit threshold exposure.