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Make extra money leasing out your vehicle to verified drivers. Going on a week-long trip? While you're away, list your car and earn extra money.

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How do i start?

To get started as a Host on mygarage africa, please create an account.


You are required to upload a valid means of Identification.


Your vehicle will get inspected and fitted with the envioBOx system.


You will be required to upload vehicle documents and pictures.

Manage Bookings

Manage bookings from verified drivers and get paid every week or month.

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Access to verified drivers

Typically, a Nigerian who wishes to enter the commercial transportation vehicle leasing business would rely on the recommendations of close friends and acquaintances. Most of the time, these vehicles are given out only on the basis of trust.

Mygarage africa collects information about these drivers and documents to back up their claims using a sophisticated system. As a result, you won't have to worry about leasing your vehicle to a "Total Stranger."


Telemetry Report

A telemetry device—designed by Envio, leased to car owners, and installed by partner tracking companies, is fixed in the cars to generate data on the maintenance and roadworthiness of the vehicles while in use. Periodically, owners get automated reports on the inspections from support partners via a mobile application.


GPS Security Sensor
Telemetry Reports
Drivetrain Metric
Flexible Credit Support (Quick cash)
Comprehensive car Insurance (BNPL)
Fuel Cost Analysis
Motor card (virtual credit card)
Fix & manage
Vehicle theft recovery
Access to verified drivers
Guaranteed rental payment
TOTAL FOR ACTIVATION ₦10,000 + VAT ₦10,000 + VAT

Note!₦10,000 Activation Fee applies

Guaranteed rental payment

Our proprietary billing software enables us to provide the essential financial and technical support services to ensure that drivers leasing vehicles through our platform do not default on their rental payments. If they fail to make their rental payments, the billing software immobilizes the vehicle's engine and notifies the Host of a potential vehicle recovery.


Monthly maintenance

We've connected with maintenance workshops across the country, each offering cheaper pricing and inspection services to determine maintenance ratings.

Qualify each vehicle for your BNPL wallet with good credit ratings.

Quick cash wallet

We recognize that cash limits might be a stumbling block to meeting daily income targets, which is why we created the Quick Cash wallet. Our drivers and self-drive hosts can use this wallet to get cash quickly to fill up their gas tanks or take care of a minor vehicle repair.


Buy now pay later (BNPL) wallet

Our hosts can use their BNPL wallet to shop or pay for vital services while paying back at a lower interest rate later. The worth of your BNPL wallet is decided by 20% of the value of your vehicle, which is updated based on the vehicle's continuous maintenance grade.

Theft & recovery

Our collaboration with law enforcement authorities enables for a quick recovery in the event of theft reported by the driver or Host.


Fix & manage

The fix & manage program is intended to help prospective Host refurbish their vehicles before listing them for lease to qualified drivers, with the cost of repairs deducted from the weekly lease fees.

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Download documents

As a host you are required to download Mygarage Terms of service, Hire purchase agreement, Rental agreement sign and upload on mygarage platform.

Everything you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to provide vehicle particulars (Proof of Ownership, Vehicle License, Comprehensive Insurance, Road Worthiness), valid means of identification, 5 landscape pictures (interior, front view, back view, side view and exterior) of your vehicle,

All vehicles manufactured after 2003 are eligible to be listed.

Having an existing bolt driver is an added advantage for a Host. Apart from access to verified drivers and processing payments, other valued added services can also play a key role in your commercial mobility business.

After listing your vehicle, you will receive an email to schedule an inspection.

To ensure the safety and security of your car, all drivers on the platform have undergone a thorough security and background check.

Before listing your vehicle, hosts will be asked to provide a thorough insurance policy on it.

Payouts are made to sponsors within 48 working hours after the driver’s remittance.