Earn extra money renting out your vehicle for Bolt on MyGarage.Africa

The commercial transportation industry is a “very lucrative” business, it is expected to grow at a rate of 3.4% through 2027. But in recent times, it has been littered with all kinds of frauds and flaws such as, poor management system, unprofessional drivers, and has become difficult to run well.

Transportation is an indispensable economic activity for any business, what better place to invest than a place that offers endless possibilities and opportunities for business growth.

MyGarage.Africa is a digital platform that allows hosts (investors) to create a virtual garage to list vehicles on lease for commercial transportation and connect with verified drivers in each city. The platform allows vehicle owners to list their vehicles, set their price and terms/conditions, readily available for verified drivers to choose from the large pool of registered vehicles.

Each vehicle is modified with a custom-built tracking system and payment module envioBOx which drives transparency and simplicity in business. Have you ever seen such a seamless platform?

This is the solution the MyGarage.Africa platform offers, making commercial transportation seamless, unique, orderly and yet sustains and preserves its profitable nature. When it comes to investment opportunities, the MyGarage.Africa platform provides first class investment opportunities, with bolt as a forefront partner, the MyGarage.Africa platform is the best place to turn your liabilities to assets.

Do you have vehicles that are immobilised and not on the road?

Are you tired of your vehicles investments not yielding any returns? Is your driver giving you excuses for non-payment week in/week out? Then create your personalised garage and gain control of your vehicle investment on with tailored fleet management solution, access to verified drivers, hundred percent (100%) payment guarantee on lease, improved maintenance analytics & a free telemetry device.

Earn extra income from listing your vehicles for Bolt on MyGarage.Africa.

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