Data and the future of commercial mobility in Africa

Never before has so much timely information about events, people and objects been so widely and quickly available. With the advent of IOT’s, Cloud computing and Big Data, the world has become a global village hence, data is the future of any sector.

Africa’s population is projected to reach around 2.5billion people by 2050. (-Nairametrics) The majority of this population is expected to congregate in Africa’s business friendly metropolises. As the population grows, so does the number of road users, necessitating the adoption of a sustainable and more efficient commercial transport management systems.

At, we understand that data is a critical component of managing commercial transportation. We are powered by envio, a mobility fintech that provides technology infrastructure for peer to peer vehicle leasing & financing for commercial mobility to address the following challenges;

  • • Optimize Maintenance Routines

  • • Guarantee Rental Collection

  • • Real-time Operational Reports

  • • Driver Verification System


these challenges in the commercial transport space can be overwhelming and has thus discourage new and existing investors. That is why we have also partnered with Bolt Nigeria. This strategic partnership with Bolt Nigeria provides individuals with opportunities to invest in the vehicle leasing business and have access to verified drivers.

Access to insightful data and analytics is key to a successful commercial transport business. These analytics are what makes MyGarage.Africa a revolutionary platform and the leading peer to peer vehicle leasing company in Africa.

The team at MyGarage.Africa is working hard to continuously improve the lifestyle of every player in the commercial transport sector, this is in view of the new MyGarage Mobile App scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2022, we anticipate an extraordinary experience.

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