Keep your Car in Good Shape

Having a motor account for your four-wheel vehicle allows you to get lower rates on oil changes, engine tune-ups, wheel balancing, and auto diagnostics.


Track your vehicle's health and performance

Subscribers can monitor the health of their vehicles via the mobile app dashboard after each maintenance routine appointment. Each completed maintenance check-up appointment validates each vehicle's creditworthiness in order to access credit from Motor Africa lending partners.


Schedule reminders and services

This system is designed to managed reminders and alert you when service is due, allowing you to increase performance and enhance vehicle uptime. It also helps maintain regular service items like brakes, wheel alignment and oil changes.

Track your daily usage

Based on a vehicle's daily average usage, the system predicts the due date of a Service Reminder. A service reminder can be set for oil changes, tire rotations, engine check and you will be notified when your vehicle is due for service.